How to get fresh water

How to get fresh water When you are apart from civilization and water sources, you will probably want to use this method. Of course, if you want to survive. If you do not drink water, you can die from dehydration. If you can survive.

Top 10 things that annoy men in modern girls

Top 10 things that annoy men in modern girls Probably, every guy dreams that next to him was not only the most beautiful, long-legged and just charming lady, but also one who would not constantly tickle his nerves. Of course, if a girl didn’t.

How to make lizun from shampoo

How to make lizun from shampoo? Angelina September 8, 2014 29834 Watch the video How to make lizun from shampoo? Popular children's toy "Lizun" like even adults. Playing with him, a man relieves nervous tension. The children squeal with delight, throwing a lizun on.

Beaded honeymoon love tree

Beaded Honeymoon Love Tree Sometimes, having received an invitation to a wedding, you want to give a newly-married couple a special gift that will not only please them, but also become a talisman of their family life. The love tree of beads with rosebuds.

Decorative floor for warehouse

Decorative floor for storage Today, polymeric industrial floors are widely used in the repair of premises for various purposes. No exception and. The company "ProfitPol", in addition to standard compositions, often offers its customers the installation of decorative liquid compositions. In the arsenal of.

Cold Smoke Cold Smoke Generator

Cold Smoke Cold Smoke Generator Hello! I want to tell how to make a very simple smoke generator for cold, home-smoked. The generator design will not require much effort or time from you. I love smoked products, and if I choose between hot and.

How to train to look like a thin stinker

How to train to look like a thin stinker All popular models today are working on their bodies in the gym - it is no secret to anyone. But the secret lies in how they do it. And in reality, and not for photo.

Spark Lawrence showed how to hide the fullness outfit

Spark Lawrence showed how to hide the fullness outfit The British model came up with the best image for donuts! Look for inspiration and ideas for fashionable bows always standing by the stars, watching celebrities dress on the red carpet and social events. For.

Smoke-cold smoked do-it-yourself

Smoke-cold smoked do-it-yourself It is almost impossible to buy qualitatively smoked fish or meat in a supermarket. To please your family and friends with real delicacies, it is worth making a cold-smoked smokehouse at your country site. Having adopted ready-made diagrams, blueprints, useful recommendations.

Polymer clay bunnies

Polymer clay bunnies More often, modern girls, instead of expensive and frilly jewelery made of precious metals, prefer to wear jewelery from such seemingly unattractive material as polymer clay. What is the secret of plastics? In fact, everything is very simple this material is.

Origami from paper

Origami paper. Origami, art is popular all over the world. It originated in Japan in the 9-10 centuries, the word origami translates as folding of paper. "Ori" is a folded, "kami" - paper. Interestingly, the word "Kami" has another meaning - "god" and, probably.

How to cook Kimpab

How to cook Kimpab Ingredients: 180 grams of rice (round grain); 30-40 g of crab sticks (if desired, they can be replaced with meat, sausage or any similar ingredient found in the refrigerator); 3-4 sheets of pressed seaweed (kim or nori); 1 carrot; 1.

What is BC?

What is BC? Galina Mirzahmedova March 18, 2015 BC - the field of scientific knowledge and academic discipline. It stands for life safety. What is BC as a scientific field? As a field of science, the Belarusian Railways solves the problem of studying the.

Decorate the tile

Decorate the tile Many, probably, faced with a situation when after buying an apartment, the interior, left over from the previous owners, I want to redo, but there is not enough money. Here we are in this position. White “sovkovskaya” tile in the kitchen.

To drink or not to drink: the 10 most common contraceptive myths

To drink or not to drink: the 10 most common contraceptive myths In our enlightened age, it seems strange to have unplanned pregnancies, however, the statistics suggests otherwise. It turns out that even now, modern and educated people do not know basic things about.

Kefir face masks

Kefir face masks Benefits and useful properties of kefir masks Kefir is good not only because it contains special bacteria that are beneficial for the body from the inside, but also for its cleansing properties. It is equally useful for all skin types, as.

Kitchen Ceilings

Kitchen Ceilings If you still do not know which ceiling fabric to use in the kitchen, then in this case you should pay attention to the stretch ceilings. Order today will not be for you any work, because there are a great many companies.

What are the advantages of caramel depilation before waxing?

What are the advantages of caramel depilation before waxing? When performing caramel depilation, hair is removed to grow, which provides a longer effect, which usually lasts up to 6 weeks. When using wax, vegetation is removed against growth, so part of it breaks off.

Desk lamp from the keyboard

Keyboard table lamp Desk lamp from the keyboard- an interesting use of the old or unnecessary keyboard, it can make an interesting and unusual lamp. Materials and tools: keyboard (see figure); wires, switch, LEDs, power source (USB, battery); foam plastic (12-15 cm) and plastic.


Kaleidoscope It is very easy to make such a kaleidoscope and junior schoolchildren can do it perfectly. Kaleidoscopes can be made of various materials, for example, from reels from towels, plastic bottles, plastic forms and from cardboard. You can also choose what to do.

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