10 days - 10 kilos: how Oksana Samoilova loses weight after giving birth

Looking at the pictures of the beauty, you can’t say that she just recently became a mother for the third time.

“Yes, she is a witch,” my colleague said enviously, looking at the selfie of Oksana Samoilova some ten days after giving birth.

Probably many will agree with her. Why, I myself agree. Such a figure for a mother of three children is something incredible. “I didn’t have one like that before birth,” they said sadly in the comments, and I’m ready to subscribe to these words.

Slim waist, slender legs, luxurious breasts, beautiful shoulders. The fact that Oksana has children reminds only a small tummy, which has not yet become involved after the third cesarean.

May 8 2017 at 7:38 am PDT

“I went to give birth to 74.5 kg - this is +20 kg for pregnancy. Today it’s already 10 kg, ”happily wrote a photo of a large mommy. And I decided to share the rules of putting myself in order with subscribers.

So,rule number one- this is a bandage.

“Girls, wear a bandage after childbirth! It is very important. The stomach recovers much faster, ”advises Oksana.

Rule number two- this is skin care.

“To be smeared, smeared and once again smeared with creams or oils, moisturize the skin to the maximum!” - according to the 29-year-old beauty, the more creams, the less likely the stretch marks on the skin.

Rule number three- proper nutrition. Oksana admitted that during pregnancy she ate everything. At least for the time being, severe toxicosis allowed her to do this. But not fat! Or recovered so that it was completely unnoticed.

How to lose weight after giving birth
Photo: @samoylovaoxana

Rule number four is sport. Before pregnancy and after - slowly, little by little, but necessary.

“I don’t go to the gym, of course, but I’ll start in a month. So far, only walking and a lot of stairs with a small load on their hands, ”Oksana laughs. The load means daughter Maya, of course.

And still the young mother frankly told about how it is to transfer three Cesareans: “In general, the first and second days are the toughest of all three times. I thought I was going to die. And then abruptly on the third day I didn’t just go, but ran, and it became so easy. ”

The first cesarean section Oksana was done urgently.The second and third is already without options. “A normal doctor will not give you a cesarean section at will, only if indicated. But you should not get upset, it's all small things compared to the fact that later you are a mother, ”she says.

According to Mom, doctors say that after the third cesarean, the recovery of the body is much faster. There is only one unpleasant moment: the seam is getting longer and longer: “But it is thin, it will be almost invisible, it calms”.

And at the end Oksana added: “Everything is healing, everything is forgotten. Everything can be restored, and even better than it was before. ”

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