11 unexpected ingredients to help you look at coffee in a new way.

Ice cream will add calories to black coffee, but it will significantly improve the taste! French coffee-glace and German ice-kofe are familiar to many, and the recipe is simple: put in a bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream and top it with coffee.


Adding salt to coffee reduces bitterness. A very small pinch is enough.



It can be decided that bodybuilders with pumped muscles have been advised to cook coffee with eggs, adding protein to each serving. In fact, this way of drinking coffee came from Scandinavia.


A raw egg is combined with milled grains and a small amount of water. Then the thick mixture is poured with water and boiled for about 3 minutes. The drink is filtered, and as a result it turns out soft, without the bitterness of an amber-colored coffee, also very nutritious.


Cardamom will give a brighter aroma and spice to the drink compared to cinnamon. The sweet note characteristic of this spice will make you forget about the desire to add sugar to your coffee.



Fans of adding a portion of vodka in coffee called this drink "Russian coffee". However, the Irish way of adding a fortress is more popular: you will need a portion of Jameson whiskey and whipped cream.


Coconut oil

A piece of coconut oil will add nutrition and leave you feeling full for a few hours after drinking a cup.

Lemon or lime

Like a pinch of salt, lemon peel or lime neutralizes bitterness and emphasizes the sweet taste of coffee.


This recipe came from Sweden, where a bitter carbonated tonic is added to iced coffee. It turns out a refreshing drink containing caffeine.


If you need a strong dose of caffeine, you can note the following recipe. Stir in Coke coffee and enjoy a sizzling sweet drink!

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