13 faces of Anna Karenina: the most vivid film versions

The novel by Leo Tolstoy is like a magnet that attracts theater and film directors ... It was filmed more than 20 times, and it is completely impossible to count all theatrical productions. On the eve of the premiere of Yury Grymov’s film “Anna Karenina”, the editors of Woman's Day recalled the most vivid images of the heroine Leo Tolstoy.

The news that the director Yuri Grymov is preparing his version of Anna Karenina for the premiere was a surprise for everyone. “The biggest surprise was for my inner circle - even they had no idea about it,” says the director. “The project was created secretly for two years.”

It turns out that the director has been secretly working on the film for the past two years.

“All the details will open at the premiere and not earlier. I can only say that the material for the film was filmed in nine countries of the world. This project was extremely inspired by its unusual and new solutions, ”the director finally intrigued.

We managed to get some details, but suddenly, that ...

New Karenina: just a fool

Photo: archives of press services

Premiere: Spring 2016

The director turns to the classics for the third time: in 1998, they shot the film “Mu-Mu”, and in 2005 - “The Case of Kukotsky” based on Ulitskaya's novel.

But Karenina's screen version is special. If only because all the details are kept in the strictest secret, like the name of the leading woman ...

“In my interpretation, Anna Karenina is all women. And the heroine rushed under the train because she was a fool, you had to deal with yourself, not with the men, ”says Yury Grymov.

At present, the film has been edited, sound is being mixed.

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