20 hidden rooms - a dream from childhood

Decor, Workshop, Interior

I remember myself as a child, as I dreamed of having my own little nook that nobody knows about. Read in the silence of the book or engage in creativity, and no one could prevent me from doing so. Surprisingly, this desire to have its secret shelter survived many years later. Movable cabinets, hidden space under the stairs, a masked mirror - all this today you will see in the collection fromMake-Self.net.




Secret rooms are not only for entertainment, but also do not have practical benefits.

In ancient Egypt, architects built secret passages in the pyramids to knock treasure hunters hidden in the tombs of the pharaohs. Numerous monarchs and rulers throughout the history of the world have escaped or managed to learn about the intrigues of their courtiers precisely because of secret rooms and aisles.

A secret room today can provide your family with a safe haven or a repository for valuable things in case of an emergency. In addition, they can act as a cozy personal corner, where you or your children can hide and rest from the outside world.

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