27 reasons to check the reflection BEFORE uploading photos to the Internet

Photos are a great way to capture some moment from your life, for future memories, or just to have fun. But in order to get a good photo, there are a few things to consider.

You should watch out for:

  • Lighting
  • By reflection
  • Background

The reflection in particular is able to take all the attention away from the main subject in the photo, turning the whole photo into something completely different from what you were expecting. All these people wanted to make a great photo, but unfortunately, they hurried and did not pay enough attention to all the details in the photo.

Here are some fun examples.

  1. This smiling guy looks so proud, should be ready to lead some kind of conference or hold a lecture. It would be a great photo if it were not for the reflections of the chairs in the room.


  2. This pretty girl was ready for a great selfie.Most likely the reflection of her nose should not have been in the frame.

    reflection of the nose

  3. Most of us have breasts look great, especially in new underwear! But the girl forgot about the mirror in the background.


  4. The inscription on the photo“Wow! what traffic jams. This is strange because the road is not visiblenot a single car🙂4
  5. It is very important to be aware of current events before arriving at the office. But it is better to watch pictures for adults at home, not on the subway.


  6. No one to take you asleep? Do not worry, just do it with your feet!


  7. Gotcha.

    Correspondence on the photo:

    " - Good. Where are you and your friend going now?

    - In Habit (apparently cafe). With my colleague Patrick.

    - Really?! Patrick looks more like a girl ... He has such beautiful long hair. "

    She had to ask what kind of shampoo and conditioner she uses.Patrick. 🙂


  8. In our time, even the pilot has to get out to impress people. Eh ... If it were not for the reflection on board the aircraft.

    8The reflection tells us that the plane is still at the airport.

  9. This photo is not a mistake. This is just a good joke with reflection.


  10. When you make a selfie in a bathroom or toilet, make sure that no one else is in the frame.


  11. Do not take a selfie during important purchases.


  12. The inscription on the photo:“My girlfriend is always trying to make a sudden photo!”.

    We see this only two explanations. His girlfrienda vampireor for some reason he calls his hand a friend.


  13. The inscription on the photo:"I bought a mirror on Avito, but there was no picture of the goods, I asked the seller to send one. I was not disappointed. ”

    Looks like this guy also posed during the photo.


  14. The inscription on the photo:“What is this pink thing on your desk? Haha.

    Is it possible that this is another fashionable kitchen appliance?


  15. This guy looks great, he is young and happy in anticipation of graduation. However, his father also looks ... not bad ...


  16. As we already mentioned above, in front of Selfie in the toilet should make sure that there is no one else, especially people sitting on the toilet. This also applies to you! At least where there is a mirror.


  17. This beautiful polished table will show you a little more than you expect.


  18. Strange, embarrassing and funny, trying to look sexy in the presence of a child 🙂


  19. Perhaps he is surprised where she bought such a belt?


  20. The owner accidentally sent his photo posting an advertisement for the sale of the house.


  21. At least she hid her face.


  22. Again there is no one to photograph.

    The inscription on the photo:“The sun (or loved one) caught me sleeping. Love him. Good night everyone. ”


  23. Many believe that there is a grandmother in the background, but it seems to us that this is rather a grandfather.


  24. The girl on the shirt is written"Hugs for free". In the mirror in the photo we can see that there are a lot of people who want it.


  25. The table again shows us what we did not expect to see.


  26. Is it true that guys often go at home like that?


  27. Failed.

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