5 benefits of greenhouse vegetables

Why grow crops better in greenhouses.

Someone who at least once in his life tried to grow an ideal crop on his plot, knows how hard it is to achieve this, how many unaccounted factors and surprises from mother nature appear. Frequent rains or scorching sun hinder the development of plants and often cause damage to the crop. Moreover, pest insects do their work ... But any natural vagaries are not terrible if growing vegetables in “protected ground”, in other words, in a greenhouse. In our region, modern high-tech is engaged in the industrial production of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

The greenhouse vegetables better
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For reference: protected ground - special structures with a microclimate favorable for plants, used for all-season cultivation of vegetables.

In the open field to control the process of growing vegetables is incredibly difficult. BOTANICA solves these problems.

Why is BOTANICA's protected ground ideal for growing healthy vegetables? It's simple.

1.Changes in external weather conditions do not affect yield. Creating favorable conditions for cultivation is clearly controlled: the microclimate control system regulates temperature and humidity, provides drip irrigation for nutrients, and special phytolamps emit a special “right” light that does not cause burns on leaves.

2. Timely prevention ensures the absence of pathogens. For insect control, special insect entomophages are used. Plants do not require treatment with pesticides, so they do not accumulate drugs that are harmful to human health.

3. The earth is often a source of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. It is not in the greenhouse: all plants are grown on special mats made of organic material.

4. Pollination of plants occurs in a natural way - with the help of bumblebees.

5. Full control over the growing regimes allows to obtain high yields, and the use of modern technologies allows maintaining the ecological safety of products, as well as stable quality.

The greenhouse vegetables better
Photo: www.botanika-only.ru

Now it is clear why greenhouses are called “protected ground”.The same nature, only in its perfect condition, helps "BOTANYK" to grow natural organic products. With BOTANICA fresh vegetables, it became easier to take care of health.

The greenhouse vegetables better
Photo: www.botanika-only.ru
The greenhouse vegetables better

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