5 products to help sleep

For example, cherry. It is a source of antioxidants and melatonin, which regulates the daily rhythms of a person. A couple of handfuls of cherries a few hours before bedtime will help you to quickly fall into the arms of morpheus.
Chamomile tea is also a very reliable sedative. For many centuries it was used for sleep disorders. Half an hour before bedtime, drink a glass of hot chamomile tea. This will help you relax and fall asleep faster.
Oatmeal for the night will help you sleep better. Their effect is based on the ability to influence the brain and cause it to produce hypnotic substances containing melatonin, which contributes to sleepiness. But keep in mind that the sugar added to the porridge, will have the opposite effect - you toss over the whole night without sleep.
By eating a toast, you will trigger insulin production in the body, which promotes good sleep. After receiving carbohydrates, the body experiences energy, which quickly dries out, relaxing your muscular system.To increase the hypnotic effect of toasts, you can smear them with cherry jam, as a beverage for this purpose it is better to choose warm milk.
Kefir is rich in calcium, the lack of which in the body leads to insomnia.

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