51-year-old Bullock will marry, but the marriage will not register

The actress dreams of a magnificent celebration with 44-year-old photographer Brian Randall, but without a stamp in the passport.

The news that "Miss Congeniality" is going down the aisle, appeared back in May last year. And despite the fact that the actress refused to comment on her personal life, her relatives told reporters that the wedding would still be there! True, with a certain condition: without official registration of marriage. That is, a celebrity and her boyfriend will call guests, give a feast to the whole world, but will not put stamps in passports. By the way, Bullock came to such a decision, and Randall had to agree. According to rumors, a man is ready to fulfill any wishes of his beloved, if only she was happy.

Sandra Bullock photo
Photo: Getty Images

The reason Sandra does not want to become Brian’s legitimate wife is unknown. We assume that the actress does not want to spend time on the bustle with the papers (especially on the marriage contracts customary in stars).Although it is likely that the actress doubts that her chosen one will become a good husband, despite the fact that he gets along well with her two adopted children.

In addition, as Western media write, Bullock's friends and colleagues accepted her invitation to the wedding without much enthusiasm. It's no secret that Randall has had problems with alcohol for a long time. Now the elect of the Hollywood diva is "in the strings", but no one can say with complete certainty that he will not break again ...

Meanwhile, Sandra is in full swing preparing for the wedding. It was decided that the ceremony will take place on her 52nd birthday - June 26th.

Recall that this will be the second Bullock marriage. Prior to that, she was married to TV presenter and motorcycle manufacturer Jesse James. The couple formed their relationship in 2005. In 2010, Sandra and Jesse adopted a boy. A few months later, the actress announced that she is filing for divorce. The reason for the discord in the relationship was the infidelity of the spouse.

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