8 signs that you meet with a scoundrel

Of course, we all want a big and pure love. But how to understand that he is the same? How to make the right choice and not make a mistake?

Surely everyone knows the feeling when you are just starting a relationship and still can not determine whether the man of a dream is in front of you or another rogue who will break the heart. To simplify the task and minimize the consequences (if suddenly it turns out to be far from ideal), we have compiled a few points that will make it clear that you did not get a very good option.

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1. He ignores your calls and messages.

Of course, he does not have to be in touch 24 hours a day, but if he does not get in touch for a day, two, or even three, but he communicates with friends several times a day, then, apparently, he has more important and interesting things besides you

2. He values ​​himself and his appearance more than you

He pays attention to his appearance more than you. No, he is flattered, of course, that he is so beautiful next to him, and he even managed to boast of your photos to his friends, but that's about it.It takes him more, what he looks like and what others think about him (more precisely, what impression he made on them).

3. He allows himself to insult you

If he goes too far not only in a one-to-one conversation, but allows you to let go of evil jokes in your direction and in public, then you should definitely stay away from this person. After all, few people will like it when they are constantly trying to hurt or humiliate.

4. He is not ready to take responsibility

It is better not to make decisions at all, than to take the rap for his jambs. Therefore, he will fully entrust important questions to you, but then he will also express his “phi” if something goes wrong. In addition, such a person is unreliable and every time you suddenly need his support will disappear from your sight.

5. He can only speak, but not act

Judge by deeds, not by words. After all, practically everyone can speak beautifully, but far from everyone comes to decisive actions. And if you get another "storyteller", better run away from him without looking back.

6. You invest in a relationship more than he

It has long been known that relationships are work.And what they ultimately will be depends on both partners. But what if this is a one gate game and you need it more than him? Experts claim that in this case the novel will end faster than you expect.

7. He is not able to show sympathy and care.

Recently, women have too often shouted about their independence, and in the end they came to the conclusion that men simply stopped taking care. It seems to them that the ladies do not need sympathy, they will be able to stand up for themselves. But, of course, this is not the case, and there are indeed such moments when you want to be hugged, or even better - taken on your hands. But if your man doesn’t care what is going on in your soul, and you can’t wait for a gentle word from him either, then think whether you need this person.

8. He is not ready to admit his mistakes.

And to apologize for his mistakes, he too would not come to mind. He just can't do it. Nor does he consider it necessary to ask for forgiveness, because he does not feel guilty.

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