81 part. Habitat - Holiday Degree (wine) online

Habitat - Degree holidayCognitive transmission of the first channel. The link to the official website is in the main transmission description.

The word wine comes from the word grapes. But experts say that 25% of the wine does not contain grapes. Now the new rules are being prepared, in which it will be clearly stated what wine is and from what it was made. And now, on the shelves of shops, supermarkets, you can find vodka with dyes, sugar and flavors under this name - wine. The habitat has given "stars" to expensive and cheap wine to find out whether they can distinguish good wine from counterfeits. We drove to Crimea bottles with "Crimean wine" and learned that 63% of wine is falsified. Correspondents of the transfer Habitat, for release - Gradus of the holiday, "turned water into wine", in order to understand how to distinguish real wine from forgery. Do not think that wine is a completely natural product, you can make real wine at home from grapes.They were looking for a port, from which "the head does not hurt," for this they drank it for three weeks.

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