9 years after the wedding, the couple found an unwrapped gift. He was the best!

In every marriage there are always happy times, and not very much. The history of this wedding gift can teach a lot of any newlyweds!

“Tonight we put our children in bed and decided to get some rest. Over a glass of wine my husband and I discussed the upcoming wedding to relatives and what we are going to give to the newlyweds. We started talking about our wedding, which was almost 9 years ago, and tried to recall the gifts that we liked and were most useful. And then I realized that the gift, which was dear to me, still lies unpacked. You will not believe, but it is so!

On my wedding day, my husband Brandon and I received a present from my beloved Aunt Alison. On a plain white box there was an inscription that read: "Do not open until your first quarrel." During 9 years of living together we had a lot of controversy, quarrels and slammed doors. There were several situations where we both thought about divorce ... but we never opened the box.

It seems to me that we both did not want to open it, because it would symbolize our failure. For us it would mean that we could not manage ourselves. Therefore, every time we thought that it was not the time, everything was not so bad. Was it really time to open the box? What if we have an even worse situation ahead, and we do not have our box?!?

We thought that in this box lies the golden key to the salvation of marriage - a certain ancient trick - which is unknown to newlyweds. In the end, my aunt and uncle were married for almost half a century. So, we thought that the box would save "us" - which it did.

And so we all decided to do it - we opened it.

It was the best gift we could ever imagine. There were two envelopes: one for me, another for my husband. Each envelope contained money and a small note.

Katie, buy pizza, shrimp, or whatever you both love. And prepare a bath for a romantic evening. ♥ With love Aunt Alice

Brandon, and you buy a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. ♥ With love, Aunt Alice.

For 9 years, the box was on the top shelf of our closet, collecting dust, but it somehow taught us tolerance, understanding and compromise.Our marriage has become much stronger, we have become best friends, partners and teammates. Today we decided to open this box, because I finally understood. I realized that everything necessary to create a strong, happy and healthy family was not in this box - it was inside of us. ”

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