Soft toy without a pattern

The history of sewing toys, including soft ones, begins long before our era. Toys from which they just did not do: wooden, animal bones, porcelain, clay, rags, etc. In those days, toys were expensive and almost inaccessible pleasure for ordinary people, as they were rare and cost a lot of money. With the advent of various fabrics, materials, faux fur, padding polyester, toys began to be made in huge quantities and appear in the free market for every taste and wallet. Now on the Internet, you can find a lot of different toys from faux fur, which provided patterns and sewing method. The difficulty is that not every newbie can sew a toy you like, even with a full set of patterns. Indeed, in the stitching itself there are many subtleties that need to be known in order for the product to turn out even and neat. Today I want to tell you how to sew a soft toy without a pattern and special skills. For sewing such a toy you will need: -Artificial fur, preferably long-haired; -Sypon for stuffing; -Scissors; -Tew thread with needles; -Accessories of eyes and tongue ; Yarn and hook; Beads, large and small.
 you will need
First take the fur and cut off a small rectangular cut. Next, we cut this strip in the middle and cut off all four corners of each resulting square.
 cut off the fur
Both halves need not be perfectly even. All small inaccuracies will disappear when stitching and you will not see them in the finished result. We put both halves to each other with fur inside and sew so that there is a small hole at the bottom, which will be needed for eversion of the product.
we twist the sewn product and set it aside for a while. Next you need to make two legs. To do this, you can take a thin cord or, if not, take yarn of the same color as the fur of the toy, and knit two chains of air loops.
Now for two string string or sew on one large bead and one small.Fix the beads with pieces of fur, stitching them to the base of the laces.
 sew one large bead
 sew on one large bead
Now we take a synthetic winterizer or ordinary cotton and stuff a toy. We sew the legs out of the yarn into the left hole and sew the hole.
 we stuff a toy
Next we take our eyes for soft toys and glue them to the fur base. In addition to the peephole, you can glue the cilia and the edge - the effect of this will only get better. Instead of the mouth, you can take a tongue for toys and cut out the mouth. If there is not one, you can paste a regular bead of red color. From above we sew a loop of air loops and sew it to the toy, closing the seam with a satin ribbon bow.
 Soft toy without a pattern
Soft toy without patterns ready. You can give it as a gift or decorate your home interior by hanging it on a carnation.Very often, similar toys can be found in the salons of cars, where these cute fuzzies are very interesting turning in the course of the car. Such a toy is sewn very quickly, so even a school-age child can make it. Inspirations to all and easy work!
 Soft toy without a pattern
 A soft toy without a pattern

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