A tired old dog came to the courtyard of a private house of a man

A tired old dog came into the yard of a private house of a man.

However, the animal was fattened, with a collar on its neck. That is, it was completely obvious that the dog is well cared for, that it has a house.

The dog approached the man, let himself be stroked and followed him into the hallway. Slowly walking through it, he lay down in the corner of the living room and fell asleep.

About an hour later, the dog came to the door. The man released the animal. The next day, at about the same time, the dog came to him again, “greeted”, lay down in the same corner, and again slept for about an hour.

Lasted his "trips to visit" for several weeks.

Finally, the man decided to be curious about what was wrong, and pinned a note to the collar with the following content:

"Sorry, but I want to know who is the owner of this lovely wonderful animal and whether he knows that the dog is sleeping every day in my house."

The next day the dog came with a fastened "answer".

The note stated:

"The dog lives in a house with six kids. Two of them and not yet three years old. He wants to sleep.

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