About $ 15,000 costs one night at this hotel. Expensive ... but you open the door to the room ... !!!

Any desire can be translated into reality, one has only to strongly want this. For example, for those who have long dreamed of living a little underwater, the dream can come true from minute to minute. This article will discuss one of the most anticipated projects - Poseidon Undersea Resort, locatednear the Eleuthera reef near the islands of Fiji. The construction is run by American submarine design engineers. The opening date was repeatedly postponed and is still unknown. But the statement that this project will be the best in its category is not an exaggeration. It’s not just an underwater hotel, it’s a real underwater luxury. Well, it’s interesting to know what kind of a wonderful place it is? Then, let's go together to the wonderful and mysterious castle of Poseidon, where the fish swim, which can be seen under the thick glass.

Cabins are very interestingly located - capsular.This helps the hotel to have a chic look and not to worry about the safety of all passengers. By the way, the first 1000 tourists, who decided to live in this hotel, can boast that their names are engraved on the huge stelae that stand near the hotel on the shore and at depth.

Accommodation at the hotel is 100% secure. Everything here is made of a special material that, like real curtains, covers what is happening inside the cabin.

The pressure level is controlled by the safety system. Guests do not have headaches and temperature drops.

There are double soft beds, libraries and high-speed Wi-fi. Also, each room is equipped with a huge TV, stereo, mini-bar, jacuzzi and spa shower.

About $ 15,000 will cost one night at this hotel. Expensive ... but you open the door to the room ... !!! + Agree that this is some kind of paradise. Among other things, there is a chapel here so that people can get married if they suddenly want it.

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