Abutilon: care and reproduction

In order for the plant to grow well and stably bloom, it is necessary to properly care for it.

  • The lighting should be bright, but diffused. If there is a lack of light, the plant will bloom badly.
  • The temperature should be for the summer period not more than 30 ° C, and in the winter not more than 15 ° C. With a sharp increase or decrease in temperature, the plant drops leaves.
  • Watering should be moderate, with water at room temperature. Avoid drying out and waterlogging.
  • For soil it is better to use a mixture of turf and leaf soil, humus, sand and peat in equal proportions.
  • During the flowering period, the plant should be fed once a week, using alternately mineral and organic fertilizers.
  • Each year, the plant must be transplanted into a larger pot.

Seed propagation

The most successful period for planting seeds from April to May.

  • It is necessary to prepare the soil and put it in prepared boxes.
  • Make grooves 5 mm deep, spread seeds evenly in them.
  • Sprinkle on top with a layer of soil.
  • Ambient temperature maintained 20-22 ° C
  • After the seedlings germinate, they need to be planted in pots.

Reproduction of the apical cuttings

  • In an adult plant, it is necessary to cut the cuttings with a length of 15 cm with a sharp knife.
  • Cut off all the leaves except the top two, and if there are buds.
  • The resulting stalk must be soaked in any growth stimulator according to the instructions.
  • After that, prepare the soil from a mixture of transfused and humus in a proportion of 2/1.
  • Pour the soil into peat pots and water it abundantly.
  • In the soil we make indentations of 2-3 cm, put a cutting in it and sprinkle it with earth.
  • Cover with foil and maintain a temperature of 22 ° C.
  • Cuttings sometimes need to be opened for ventilation.
  • After they take root, plant in big pots.

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