Active remedy for the germination of roses

Posted by: ALYONAMIR

Hooray, it worked!!! I want to share my joy! My "gift" roses are not only entrenched, but also let leaflets! Well, let's do everything in order!

In winter, they gave me flowers - a bunch of roses! Of course, it can be called a bouquet with a stretch. There were only three charming roses in the bouquet. Winter bouquets - dear! And of course, a bouquet of roses - my gift, carried in itself a purely symbolic meaning - a tribute of respect and love.

Roses were long in the vase, apparently they were cut recently. After a lapse of time - began to wither. I was very sorry that the holiday for the soul was coming to an end. As always! Clever thoughts came fearing! I decided to grow roses from cut cuttings - there was very little chance of success! It hurt too long stood my flowers in a vase. Sliced ​​cuttings from skinny stems and ... Ta-ta !!!))) Now will be the most interesting!

I remembered Mother Troychatka, a super active means for germinating roses. After all, it was this tool that my mother used.And she, with any stunted roses, made a great stalk with roots. Well, what's my mother's secret secret!

We take a teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of aloe juice (aloe - the stem should lie in the fridge for at least a day), take a teaspoon of tree ash. All this is placed in a glass - and we pour water (separated - not from the tap!) A little more than half. We put our cuttings there for half a day, the worse the cutting, the longer it will require stimulation. The time has passed - we take out the cuttings and plant in the substrate - the soil rich in humus. Do not forget the stalk should have 2-3 live buds.

Planted? We cover with what we have at hand. This cut bottles and even just a transparent bag. I took the package because the pot was big. Now put the pot in a warm place - I put my own on the kitchen cupboard. From time to time, open the package, let's breathe the fresh air for the cuttings, but do not remove the package completely.

When will the awakening of the cutting? It happens in different ways, it all depends on the temperature. My cuttings had an awakening at the end of February.

A small tour of the photo. These are my tired and withered roses. Here are cuttings And this photo was taken today - my pets, along with them cuttings of two more varieties of purchased roses. The leaves are dark green. The stem of the cuttings became thicker - a sign that the plant is already receiving food from the roots. A sight for sore - cuttings.

I really wanted to remove one stalk from the soil and show how in the past messages on cutting the root system.

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