Advantages of porcelain

In recent years, such materials as porcelain stoneware have taken a strong position on the market of finishing materials. is an analogue of ceramic tiles, which you can buy at theOselyaBudshop. However, due to its qualities during operation, it significantly exceeds the latter. The properties of porcelain stoneware suggest that there are no materials on the market that are comparable with its characteristics.

The raw material for the production of porcelain stoneware is quartz, clay and feldspar. After mixing the above components by pressing, a tile is made, which is then fired at temperatures comparable to the melting temperature of the steel. This treatment gives ceramic granite tile high strength due to the density of the resulting structure of this material. To impart the desired color to the ceramic granite tile, appropriate mineral dyes are added to the initial raw materials.

The finished products from porcelain stoneware have a high degree of water resistance and frost resistance. These properties of ceramic granite tiles allow its use in adverse environmental conditions. Thus, the high density of the structure of porcelain stoneware leads to the fact that the tile made from it practically does not absorb water. Compared to ceramic granite, natural granite absorbs approximately 10 times more moisture. The consequence of water resistance is increased frost resistance of ceramic granite in comparison with natural materials. The high density of the internal structure of porcelain stoneware also leads to its increased wear resistance. In terms of hardness, products made of porcelain are inferior only to diamonds. Resistant to porcelain stoneware and to adverse chemical effects. These specifications give ceramic-granite products the highest operational properties. Thus, the service life of porcelain tiles is estimated by experts within 50 years.At the same time, such a tile retains the smoothness of the surface and its color obtained during the manufacture. The consumer qualities of ceramic granite tiles allow it to be used for finishing facades, floors and walls. It should also be borne in mind that due to the high wear resistance of porcelain tiles such tiles do not require regular replacement. Therefore, its use allows you to achieve a significant reduction in the cost of operating the building as a whole over a long period of time.

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