A simple way to paint a bump

A simple and fast way topaint a bump in the desired color. In the future, colored cones can be used to make colored garlands of cones or Christmas tree decorations, as well as to decorate a house for the New Year.

Materials and tools:

  1. bumps;
  2. paint the desired color;
  3. wire;
  4. newspapers.

Step 1

First we prepare a place for drying the cones, we cover everything with newspapers so as not to get dirty, and we stretch, for example, a rope to hang the cones.

Bite off a piece of wire, wrap one end around the top of the bump, and bend the other end.

Next, open the can of paint and dip it in the paint bump. Give excess paint to drain and hang on the rope to dry. We wait until the paint is completely dry.

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