Animal tracks for children

Animal tracks for children is one of the lessons in which we tried to combine several developmental areas: zoology, creativity, and even reading and logic. This can be a one-time lesson per hour or a cycle of lessons “Animal Footprints for Children” - you decide.

Such classes will definitely interest both the child and the adult! These can be benefits of various types, the main requirement for them is the ability to attract the attention of children.

 Animal tracks for children

Animal tracks for children

A lesson in the study of animal tracks:

You can hold an interesting lesson in which you can familiarize children with animals more closely, and also find out what tracks each of these animals leaves on the ground. If you are learning winter tracks tell your child about winter.

Studying animals and their tracks helps kids to get deeper into the world of nature. You can tell how some animals learned to hide their tracks and confuse them; as in the wake of the experienced hunters are looking for their prey.Discuss with small naturalists, in which case, at what time of year traces are more noticeable. Children, understanding the importance of knowing the traces of animals for an animal or a person caught in the forest, acquire a desire to study them.

Traces of animals for children become interesting if it is possible to compare the image of the animal and the drawing of its tracks. We provide the kids with this opportunity using colorful cards. Small trackers are happy to compare photos of animals, signs with their names and contours of tracks. With smaller children you can compare the size of the tracks and their owners: a small footprint - a small foot - a small animal.

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