Ankle Fracture with Offset: First Aid and Treatment

How to provide first aid for ankle fracture with displacement

If a person injured a leg and she assumed an unnatural appearance, it can be assumed that a fracture occurred with displacement. It is important at this moment to provide the correct first aid, having caused the ambulance beforehand. The injured limb should be immobilized by fixing it, if possible, without attempting to change its position. To make the patient more comfortable, you need to put a rolled-up blanket or any clothes under your leg in order to slightly raise the limb. If you have ice or something cold at hand, you need to attach it to your foot. This will help to narrow the blood vessels and reduce hematoma formation. You can also give painkillers to the patient, but you cannot drink plenty of water.
If you call an ambulance can not be for objective reasons, you need to take measures to transport the patient to a trauma center.In this case, the limb needs to be fixed by placing a tire on it from suitable scrap materials, but you cannot try to correct the position of the bones. If there is nothing suitable at hand, you just need to gently pin soft bandages to the injured leg to reduce pain. If possible, transport the patient to the hospital on a stretcher or in the back seat of a car in a comfortable position.

Types of Ankle Fractures

In the case of injuries, a simple ankle fracture or a fracture with displacement, which in turn can be open or closed, occurs. With a simple fracture, an x-ray is taken to the patient to make sure that there is no displacement and to apply gypsum. The treatment in this case may take 3-4 weeks, after which a callus will build up at the fracture site and the cast will be removed.
With a fracture with displacement, treatment is much more difficult, since surgery is required, and the recovery process in this case takes much longer. The treatment is carried out in a hospital, subsequently may require rehabilitation therapy.

Ankle Fracture Treatment

When treating a complex fracture of the ankle with an offset, fragments are compared and fixed with special metal plates or postoperative skeletal extracts. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Treatment in this case may take a long period, after which the patient may need rehabilitation if the functions of the limb are impaired.
To restore the mobility of the ankle joint, physiotherapy activities are prescribed: the appointment of magnetic therapy, the use of compresses, warm paraffin, therapeutic and prophylactic massage. In some cases, you may need to wear special shoes and insteps.

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