Another couple? Prigogine showed new photos with kids

The excitement around the twins seems to have a lot of fun with the star couple.

We thought that Valeria and Joseph Prigogine are respectable adults. And they ... They were the masters of the rally. First, the father of the family posted a mi-mi-mishnoe photo with two twins, next to which he himself looks the third, - they are so similar. Then Valeria showed liftoluk together with the same babies. Whose children? Fans were at a loss. They even thought that these were not living children, but dolls. Anna Shulgina came to the defense of babies.

“You are the dolls! And in general, mom, take a photo with my beads. I don’t post them! ”She wrote in the comments to the photo that made some noise.

Jan 1, 2018 at 4:13 pst

In the end, Joseph gave up and explained where the children come from. Not everything as a whole, but specifically in his Instagram.

“These are not our children, not our grandchildren. But they are not strangers to us. These are children of our relatives, we love them as relatives, ”he said.

The fans exhaled with relief.But you can not just take and stop troll subscribers! Iosif Igorevich again posted photos with the twins. “Went out with the kids for a walk,” he signed the snapshot. What is trolling, you ask? And look at the photo!

Feb 1, 2018 at 2:42 PST

The fans of the humor of the producer appreciated: “What a delight! Stylish guys! ”However, in all these sweepstakes there is one pitfall. Valeria and Joseph are parents of many children. For two, they have six children. Technically, spouses at any time can become a grandmother and grandfather, children are adults.

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