Apartment repair. Tools needed to provide plumbing services

Plumber specializes in the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems. There are two specific sections in the plumbing industry. One of them is a plumber, and the other is a commercial plumbing service. But doing things in the right order is difficult for this specialist if he does not have the necessary toolkit that you can purchase at. Perfection of the work performed can not be seen if the corresponding device is not used. Here is a list of the necessary tools that a professional plumber should have.

Tools needed for plumbing services

Drilling machine: Drilling machine is one of the necessary tools for these professionals.It is used for drilling holes in the walls for the installation of metal and plastic pipes. For this machine, there are different varieties and significant among them are pistol grips. Used for dense walls, indoors, for pipes that are difficult to reach. To install pipes, it is a must-have tool.

Pipe Cutteris the tool you need for cutting pipes. It can give an even cut in a short time compared to a hacksaw. There are 2 varieties of this tool. One type is designed for cutting plastics, and the other for cutting copper pipes.


Hand screw: it is an important tool for plumbing. This hand crank tool has a long cable and is used for almost all commercial plumbing services. Used to clean blockages that remain in sinks, sewer lines, and in toilets. It also acts as an alternative to the plunger tool and can be used for all types of activities where you need a plunger.

Hacksaws: using a hacksaw, you can cut holes for nuts, screws, and even bolts in metal and plastic pipes. This tool uses strong blades.

Plunger: any plumber should have this device. It is necessary to use a suction cup made of rubber, which remains attached to the stick. Looking at the cup will give the impression that the ball has a half hole at the bottom. Used to clean the blockages of pipes, as well as the drainage system.

Tongue-and-groove pliers: This tool is known as canal locks and can also be called pliers like a water pump.

These are just some of the tools that every plumber should have. The work of these professionals is not easy and depends greatly on the quality of the tools used. Tools for plumbers are just as important as a stethoscope for a doctor.

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