Art Deco Bedroom Interior

Art Deco is a style that speaks a lot about you as a person, because it is quite rare in our interiors. This is a choice of brave and creative people.

Translated from the French art deco means decorative art. Almost the whole bedroom will have to be decorated on their own, here there is room for creativity for people who adore the hand-made.

So, the overall atmosphere of the bedroom in the art deco style should be very elegant, rich in drawings, often in the design there is silver, gold, crystal. There must be a lot of trinkets. This is not the style in which minimalism is welcomed; a bare wall with one photo is not for an art deco style. The walls in the bedroom are interior decoration - decorate them with wallpaper with an active pattern or decorative ornament.

The color scheme of the bedroom can be varied, but more often it is a contrasting tone, the decorations should stand out in the room. Combinations choose any - from black and white to red with pink.

The bed is the main subject of the bedroom interior, it should stand out with a beautiful headboard, an elegant, richly embroidered bedspread. Buy bedside tables of unusual smooth forms.

If you have a wardrobe in the bedroom, you can not do with mirrored or wooden facades - decorate them with photo printing or ornament. The chandelier should be beautiful and big, perfect if it is crystal. And of course, the curtains should stand out on the windows - choose bright curtains with a pattern.

Remember that in the bedroom in the art deco style there must be a lot of accessories. On each wall should be located some accessory, art deco does not accept empty walls.

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