Furniture made of artificial rattan - a modern way to bring resort comfort to the city's interior

There is a way to deliver the comfort of resort apartments of the ocean coast to a city cafe, restaurant, apartment or a country house. Rattan furniture is associated with rest and romantic comfort for most consumers. But using natural material in the city used to be risky. Furniture made of artificial rattan completely imitates the original appearance, but functionally surpasses it in many ways.

Natural rattan is the stems of the tropical palm tree (Calamus rotang), whose length reaches 300 m. In the humid climate of the tropics, the material remains elastic for a long time, but under our conditions the structure of the tropical plant changes rapidly, the material loses its operational properties: it cracks, crackles, fades . That is why artificial rattan is preferred.It is made from polymer fibers. 100% imitation of natural texture is achieved, and strength and wear resistance are increased tenfold.

What is artificial rattan better than natural?


In comparison with natural stems, their synthetic imitation is able to serve longer and in more complex temperature conditions. Furniture made from artificial rattan twigs:

  • can stay in the rain for a long time and do not rot, mold
  • maintains placement close in front of an open fire (near fireplaces) or near radiators without the risk of drying and cracking;
  • does not require regular moisture to maintain shape (as opposed to natural material).

Artificial rattan stems do not emit harmful fumes into the atmosphere, they have a stable polymeric structure. When choosing such furniture for private or commercial use, experts advise to check with sellers the availability of certificates for the products being sold, because some Chinese underground factories can supply low-grade material to the Russian market,not certified for compliance with consumer standards. A large catalog of products from high-quality synthetic rattan is represented by the online store "Quatrossis". Here you can buy sets and individual furnishings of production, certified by European standards.


The price of artificial rattan is lower than that of the natural one, but not many times, but in the range of 10–20%. Delivery from the manufacturer, as a rule, is cheaper than buying from a retailer.


Artificial rattan fibers retain their structural features in conditions of high humidity (for example, at a cottage in the forest) and in very dry air (in a city apartment in the winter during the heating season). The natural rattan chair can crack from the lack of moisture, the synthetic material will remain stable.


Artificial rattan does not creak during operation, as it is a quality polymer compound. For many buyers, this plus is decisive when choosing between natural and artificial rattan.

Wicker furniture has ceased to be an attribute of exclusively dacha or resort furnishings thanks to the achievements of industrial production - sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, cabinets and lampshades, which are no longer a problem to buy in Russia, are created from rattan. Love the relaxed atmosphere? Add to your urban dwelling the charm of the southern resorts and recharge your summer optimism all year round.

Dozens of options for chairs, tables and other rattan furniture are always available for order at

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