Badyaga in the fight against stretch marks

There are many ways to deal with stretch marks, one of them is to use badyagi.
Badyaga is a natural substance that is a freshwater sponge. Badyaga can be both in the composition of cosmetics, and in its pure form. Powder badyaga is considered the most effective.
Depending on what kind of skin you have, you can use several types of mixtures from stretch marks. If the skin is very sensitive, badyaga is mixed only with water to a creamy state. In normal skin badyaga mixed with hydrogen peroxide in mush. If the skin is able to endure any tests, badyaga is mixed with any citrus essential oil, again to a creamy consistency.
Before applying the mixture obtained it is recommended to use a scrub. After that, you can safely proceed directly to the procedure, which is desirable to carry out with gloves.

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