Baked pepper for the winter

Baked pepper for the winter
Baked pepper for the winter
Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Sweet pepper1 kg1 tbsp.Sugar2 tbsp.VinegarGarlic1 headSweet Pepper tasteMustard beans2 tbsp.Sunflower oil50 milliliters
  • Flow temperature:Chilled Dish
  • Processing Type:Pickling
  • Kitchen:Italian

Cuisine of ancient Hungary and Italy onWoman's Day. These countries have taught the world how to bake pepper and preserve it for the winter. Fragrant roasted paprika in cold and colddecorate your canapes and sandwiches, add zest to salads and diversify your soups and borscht a lot.


Wash and dry the Bulgarian pepper, wrap each in foil and bake at the maximum temperature for 30–35 minutes.

Put the hot pepper in a bag or a sealed container, let it sweat well and cool. Peel the seeds.

Cut baked peppers into strips.

For the marinade, mix salt, sugar, allspice peas, mustard seeds, pour in a glass of water and boil. In the marinade add fresh garlic slices, vinegar and fragrant sunflower oil, bring the marinade to a boil again and immediately remove it from the stove.

Pour the baked peppers with hot marinade and spread them out on sterile jars, tightly cork the jars. Before serving, store in cold.

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