Bangkok Shrines

Bangkok is not only a big modern city, but also a connecting thread between the past and present of the Asian country of Thailand. The capital of this state was able to save many monuments of historical and cultural heritage, even despite the numerous construction of new buildings. There are many temples in the city, which means that religion occupies an important place in the life of Thais. Let's talk about some of them.

Regardless of the rulers of the country and the century, temples in Bangkok were almost always built. Chapel of Emerald Buddha was once the personal royal temple. Today it is open for tourists. Fame to this building brought the statue of Buddha, which is carved from a single piece of jade. The temple of Wat Benchamaborit is known to many as the Marble. His project was made the son of Rama IV, and built in the XIX century during the reign of Rama V. Italian marble served as the material for construction. The building has a successful combination of both Asia and Europe.

The West Bank of the Chao Phraya River attracts tourists by the amazing construction of the temple of Wat Arun. This building has received considerable fame thanks to the pagoda, which reaches a height of 79 meters. Ceramic tile and multi-colored porcelain serve as its decoration.Wat Arun in Thai means “temple of the dawn”. But it should be said that the building has a unique view at sunset, when viewed from the opposite bank of the Chao Phraya.

Wat Trai Mit temple became famous for the Golden Buddha of the Sukhothai period. This sculpture is made of pure gold, whose height reaches 3 meters, and weight - 5.5 tons. This ancient building keeps many secrets in its walls, as the Thai resort city of Bangkok in the back streets of its streets combines the dust of modernity and antiquity.

The temple of Wat Pho is famous for the giant statue of a reclining Buddha. This sculpture is 46 meters in length, and in width - 15. It is fully decorated with shells. There are also other statues, manuscripts that tell about military affairs, archeology, meditation, and others.

Wat Suthat is located in the center of Bangkok. It took 27 years to build this temple. Part of the city wall of the XIX century brought him fame. Wat Suthat keeps a collection of golden Buddhas. But the most visited place among tourists is the temple of Wat Saket, which was called the “Golden Mountain”. The mountain is an artificial hill, which was built in the XIX century. At its top is a golden pagoda.Many travelers choose Wat Saket to climb on top of it and admire the panorama of the old city.

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