Barley porridge - what is useful to know about it

Not everyone knows that barley, except barley, is also produced from barley. In particular, it is the result of the grinding of barley grains. Due to the fact that they are not polished, then barley grain is even more useful than barley. Instead of varieties of this croup are assigned numbers, of which there are only three. As a rule, they are mixed and only occasionally can be found on the market, either large or small grits. Compared with vegetables, barley looks quite high in calories, but compared to other frequently eaten crops, its caloric content is quite low.

Barley grits - a storehouse of complex and useful carbohydrates and starch. These easily digestible carbohydrates barley grain contains up to 65%, and fiber - up to 6%. No less, it is rich in protein and dietary fiber. The amount of protein in the barley grain, which is absorbed entirely, exceeds 10%. By the way, it is more valuable than wheat protein. It is also appreciated for the content of natural sugars. It contains an abundance of carotene and vitamin B, as well as a full range of minerals.Among the latter, especially a lot of phosphorus, indispensable for normal brain activity. In biologically significant quantities, barley grits contain zinc, potassium, boron, magnesium, chromium, manganese, and silicon. Due to this composition, the barley is an integral part of dietary nutrition. Its use saves the body from unnecessary substances and has a good effect on the work of the stomach. Barley contains natural substances similar in action to antibiotics, but not entailing side effects. In particular, we are talking about the substance hordecine, which is contained in the water, where barley was soaked. This substance is quite effective in combating pathogens of skin diseases. Barley decoction, used as a diuretic, is no less useful. Gluten contained in cereals, allows you to eat from it, when you need a restorative diet. As the most low-calorie cereals, it is part of various diets. A slimmer figure will make a seven-day diet on porridge from this cereal. Despite the short term, it will help to lose at least 3 kg. An important point of this diet is the long-term absorption of porridge by the body,which guarantees a feeling of satiety for a long time. The use of kefir, juice, vegetables and fruits for the time of the diet is welcomed. And half an hour before eating porridge, you need to drink a glass of water, always boiled and warm. A portion of cereal, in accordance with the diet, is laid during the main meals. In the morning, you can add a banana, lunch - a salad, the ingredients of which are only raw vegetables, for dinner - yogurt or ryazhenka, for example. In the afternoon snack should be limited to an apple. Its plus is that it is easily tolerated, and a month later it can be repeated. A prerequisite - the constant presence in the diet of cereal. Barley porridge for this diet is prepared in a special way. Neither salt nor oil is added. At 500 grams of cereal will need 5 glasses of water, and the cereal is poured into boiling water. When the porridge thickens, the cooking is stopped, and the porridge itself is placed in a warm place for half an hour. For its preparation you can use a thermos. Then the water, compared with cereal, will need twice as much. Filled with boiling water, you should insist a couple of hours. There is another option of barley porridge, but it does not correspond to the principles of dietary nutrition.In this case, as a basis for porridge use milk, which will need a liter. When the milk boils, pour in the grain, which will need 7 spoons. In thickened porridge add butter, granulated sugar, chopped nuts. At the last moment, three raw eggs are added to this mass, after which it is laid out in a form and, sprinkled with breadcrumbs, baked in the oven.

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