Basket with flowers from capron

Basket with flowers from kapron
We will need: • Wire • Kapron • Cotton buds; • Colored twine; • Paints; • Threads; • Yellow glitter; • Spice; • Basket • Basket • 2 forms took hair mousse, smaller glue stick)
We make lilies: We take a big shape (mousse for hair) and wire, wind on a bottle twisting. It turned out a ring made of wire.
 Take a big shape
Then pull the capron on the ring, fix it with a thread at the base. When we stretch capron, we immediately stretch the shape in the form of an oval.
 on the ring we stretch nylon
And so we do on one flower 5 petals. When the petals are ready to paint them in the desired color, I took orange and red. Make a flower at the center of cotton buds.We cut them in half and take 3 pieces, we connect.
 make cotton swabs
Petals have dried up. We form a flower, we twist it with wire.
 We form a flower
Then we cut the twine, quantity at will, curl it, and attach it to the flower.
we cut the string
Making the cornflower: We take the wire and the spoke. We wind the wire with a spiral.
 We take a wire and a needle
Then we take a small form (glue stick)
glue pencil
We wind this “curl” on a form
 We wind
On the finished mold, we stretch the nylon and fasten it at the base with thread.  we stretch kapron
One petal is ready! For each flower we need 3 petals. Only 3 flowers. Paint the finished petals with blue paint. We make the core for the cornflower from threads.We take 8 pieces of thread 7 cm long.  make of threads Spread the tips of the core with glue and dunk in sparkles.
spread with glue Petals dried out. We form a flower. Connect all the details and twist the wire at the base.
 The petals have dried
 The details of the composition are ready
The details of the composition are ready. Knead the putty and add to the basket. At the bottom, you need to put some film to put the putty in the basket. Flowers placed in putty, forming a bouquet. Put to dry. The work is ready!
 Basket with flowers from caprone

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