Bavarian Hot Knitting Stand

Have you heard anything about Bavarian mating? Be sure to look at the network that you can do with it, you will find so much beautiful things! Today I want to show you a quick and easy way to create an original stand for the hot in the technique of Bavarian knitting. Nothing complicated, honestly! The manufacturing process is very interesting and does not want to stop. Personally, after this master class, I tied a few more stands, so much I wanted to knit this knitting. The most pleasant thing is how the canvas changes in the course of work; it is this constant transformation that delays. Well, let's start !? Materials that will be needed to knit the stand:
  • Threads of three different or similar in tone colors. The main thing is that the threads are of the same thickness, which color you choose is already a matter of taste.
  • Scissors.
  • A suitable crochet hook.
  •  for knitting the stand
    Making the loop Amigurumi and tying it up with eight stitches without a crochet.Next, we knit three lifting air loops and four double crochets, two double crochets in each lower single crochet, and knit them together. It is simple to knit together several crochets: we knit the unfinished bars, all upper loops of the bars should remain on the hook, then simply knit all these loops into one. It turns out such a “petal.”
     Making an Amigurumi loop
    Closing the petal with a semi-column.
     Closing the petal with a semi-column
    So we knit the whole series. You should get four "petals". Now we form circles of "petals". In the final column "petals" knit ten crochets. It should make such a circle. So we knit the whole series to make four identical circles. At the end, you can trim the thread and weave it at the posts.
     form circles
    We count three columns and in the fourth we tie a new thread. We knit three lifting air loops and four unfinished double crochets, knit them with a single loop,as we initially did the "petals".
     We count three columns
    In the corner part of the circles we knit three air lifting loops and nine double crochets, we connect them with a single loop . Thus we knit the whole series to the end.
     knit three air lifting loops
    Create circles. Corner "petals", in which five double crochets, are tied with ten double crochets into a single column of "petal". “Petals”, consisting of ten double crochets, are tied with seven double crochets and so on until the end of the row. Cut the thread.
    Shape circles
    Tie the next color and, just like the previous one, tie the bottom circles. We knit petals of five and ten double crochets.
     Bind the next color
    Create new circles and finish the mating.
    geometric cup stand
    It turns out such a beautiful, geometric cup stand.Bavarian binding allows you to create a beautiful pattern that resembles a mosaic or kaleidoscope. Such a stand will be a wonderful decor for decorating a festive table or will give a piece of pleasant memories and good mood on a regular weekday. Experiment with color and make your interior brighter and more elegant.
     Stand under the hot Bavarian viscous
     Stand for hot Bavarian knitting

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