Be in trend this winter

Winter - the time of warm hats, bulky down jackets and voluminous knitted sweaters, which hide the dignity of the figure and cause irritation in many female representatives. However, collections of winter casual wear from world designers contradict the standard beliefs and allow every woman to feel comfortable, warm and elegant.

Actual winter outfits 2016-2017


This winter season will be in fashion dresses: comfortable and stylish, which will appeal to many fashionable women. As materials for creating dresses can be used: acrylic, velvet, Belarusian knitwear, cashmere or wool. Many models have a mixed composition, for example, knitwear plus wool or velvet plus cashmere. As for the style, elongated models are in fashion, as well as medium-length dresses that emphasize the figure and do not allow them to freeze. Batniki

The body shirt is characterized by a spectacular appearance and convenience, thanks to which such clothes are popular, both in business and casual style clothes. Batnik can be warmed.The insulation used is: - fur; - mohra; - bike; - fleece; - wool. This season in a fashion batch file with a wide cut that does not hold down movements and gives a feeling of comfort and freedom of movement.

Business Suits

Many business ladies do not represent their image without a strict costume. The fashion models of the winter 2016-2017 will be distinguished by a classic cut and discreet minimalism in the decoration. Belarusian costumes that combine the highest quality and practicality are very popular. In the business suits of this season there will be models with shortened trousers and jackets with three-quarter sleeves.


Winter pants are warm models with original trim. In the fashion will be narrowed models, as well as trousers-riding breeches. Warm leggings that are worn under cashmere or knit tunics of medium length are especially relevant this season. Skinny pants and leggings can be combined with elongated cardigans, tunics, body shirts and sweaters. Leather and suede models will be hereby the winter season. These pants look very original and spectacular and oblige the selection of not less spectacular top.

Rules for choosing winter clothing

Clothing for the winter should be comfortable and beautiful. Do not give preference to cumbersome and shapeless styles at the expense of an attractive appearance: today there are a large number of stores that offer stylish and warm models of winter clothing. When choosing winter clothes, pay attention to the labels, which indicate the rules of care for the product. Some materials can not be washed in a typewriter, so pay attention to this when buying. It is not recommended to choose too tight clothes for the winter. First, it is inconvenient, and secondly, there are fabrics that tend to shrink (wool, for example) and the product may become small. Choose stylish and practical winter clothes and be irresistible at any time of the year!

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