Beautiful and original nail sliders

The most stylish female image will not be complete without a neat manicure. Today, at the peak of popularity - an interesting and unusual art-nail, allowing to emphasize individuality. The latest trends in nail decoration is a slider design, designed to quickly and originally decorate any manicure.

If only a professional is able to cope with the application of hand painting, anyone can use the sliders at home.

So what are the advantages of slider design?

Many still do not know what a slider is. This is a special label consisting of a base and a pattern, separated by water. Most of the sliders are made by hand, which guarantees not only their high quality, but also the authenticity of this painting.

This leads to the popularity of such stickers as among adult and elegant ladies who prefer the eternal classics, as well as among creative and extraordinary girls.

Art neil using sliders has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • the speed and ease of decorating nails that do not require special knowledge and skills and allow you to carry out the procedure yourself at home;
  • a huge variety of assortment, which allows everyone to find an acceptable option;
  • permissibility of use on any type of base, including natural nail plates without coating;
  • similarity with hand-painted, which gives the image a special chic and expensive look;
  • nail safety;
  • the ability to create a spectacular design and unique style;
  • affordable price.

Choose a slider for every taste and color - no problem

Stickers for manicure are divided into three main types:

  1. Transparent sliders that are ideal for light and white coatings. It is often used on a French manicure, allowing it to be refined. This type will look good even on your nails without varnish. Although in order for the label to lay as flat as possible, it is still recommended to use a transparent base. Do not use such sliders on the acrylic surface, because it can eat the picture.
  2. Dense pictures are great for any color and harmoniously combined with a one-color varnish, and a French manicure. These stickers are characterized by their own thick color background. They are also used to strengthen or build nail plates and aquarium design.
  3. Full-size sliders, which are applied to the entire nail. It looks as natural as possible. The most important thing is to cut the image according to the shape of your own nail. This species is most popular due to its uniqueness and versatility. Such sliders are monophonic or with a pattern. In addition, it is possible not only to choose ready-made options, but also to order stickers according to an individually designed sketch. This will allow you to flaunt your nails with a portrait of your own boyfriend or your favorite cat.

What pictures are today in the trend?

A huge range of existing sliders will easily allow you to choose a sticker depending on your mood, lifestyle and solemnity of the moment. The most popular pictures are:

  • Sliders made in 3D technology. They allow you to create on the nails the whole volume masterpieces.
  • Metal motifs. And it can be both small drawings, and plates on the whole nail. By the way, additional drawing is possible on them. Manufacturers offer a choice of glossy or matte textures.
  • Lace patterns that add an image of elegance, tenderness and romance, which is clearly seen in the photo. These stickers are sold both as separate sheets for each nail plate, and in rolls, like real fabric lace.
  • Custom-made sliders. They combine uniqueness and originality as much as possible.

A special series of stickers deserves special attention. She will decorate a little fashionista without harm to her health. Girls have a special love with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters.

These sliders are smaller in size, adapted for use on small fingers. Naturally, they are recommended to be applied on natural nails or a simple transparent base in order to minimize chemical exposure to the coatings.

The secret to success is the right application technology.

The versatility of the sliders is determined by the fact that they can be successfully used on any basis. The only difficulty is acrylic coating, which can corrode the drawing. In this regard, working with him requires certain skills.

When answering the question of how to use stickers, the fundamental factor is the need to ensure that they fit as closely as possible to the nail plate. Only when this condition is met and the top-coated cover is subsequently fixed, the slider will look neat and hold on for a long time.

The technology of applying under the gel varnish includes the following main steps:

  1. Remove the old coating from the nails and make a manicure, gently pushing the cuticle.
  2. To degrease the nail surface, for which purpose to walk on it with a pusher and wipe it with a special compound.
  3. Apply the base and, if necessary, color coat and dry each layer in the UV lamp.
  4. Remove the sticky nail file with nails, which will be applied stickers.
  5. Cut the image in the shape of the nail, soak 30-40 seconds in warm water and remove the base.
  6. Using tweezers, gently place the slider on the nail plate and flatten it.For a quality result, it is necessary to retreat at least a millimeter from the cuticle in order to further securely fix the bottom of the picture with the top. It is also important to remove all air bubbles from under the sticker. To do this, gently smooth it with a cotton swab. At the same time try not to tear and not to shift the slider. Remove the excess protruding from the nail with a nail file or an orange stick. Wait until the picture is completely dry.
  7. Cover with a fixative and dry in a UV lamp.

The technology of applying under the usual varnish does not differ from the above steps. The exception is the absence of the need to dry the nails in ultraviolet light. To obtain high-quality results on a regular varnish, it is recommended to follow a few simple tips:

  • Apply a color coating in two layers to achieve the maximum saturated color;
  • Before gluing the sliders, wait until the varnish has completely dried in order to prevent its smearing;
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