Being on a diet is good for mood, sleep and sex.

The benefits of dietary restrictions are not limited to a slim body. Scientists have found that people who ate much less for two years, felt happier during the day and got more pleasure at night.

This is indicated by data from studies published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The results are based on the so-called CALERIE 2 test, in which scientists recommended a group of 200 people with no weight problems either to reduce by a quarter the total amount of calories consumed within two years, or to continue eating as they used to. The diet worked: people who adhered to it, lost an average of 10 percent, or 9 kg.

Throughout the experiment, scientists evaluated other factors, including quality of life, depression, sleep, and sexual function, using standard indicators. It turned out that those who lost kilograms, instead acquired a better mood, improved quality of life, more sound sleep after one year on a diet and great sex after two years. At the same time losing weight does not have to be radical.A person may not suffer from obesity to enjoy the benefits of weight loss.

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“The subjects reported that as soon as they overcame the barrier and began to lose weight, the feeling of hunger diminished a little and they began to feel the benefits of losing weight,” says Martin Corby from the Center for Biomedical Research in Louisiana. “It was easier for them to move, they had less ligaments and joints, and they felt better.”

However, he warns that eating fewer calories for two whole years is not easy. “Even having achieved these benefits, it is difficult for them to stick to diets further, especially in modern society,” says Martin Corby. “They're fry trying to swim against the current in a world where it's very easy to consume more calories than you need.”

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