Best makeup remover

Make-up removal at the end of the day is a must-have procedure. And that it was harmless to the skin, pleasant and useful, it is important to choose the right tool. Learn how to choose it.


First, consider the types of existing makeup remover:

  1. Micellar water appeared relatively recently, but has already become very popular. Active small particles of micelles capture pollution. The tool is suitable for make-up remover, moisturizing, cleansing, giving freshness in the heat. It is possible to use in all types of skin, there can be no irritation.
  2. Milk or cream is cleaned very delicately, making it suitable for sensitive, delicate skin, for very dry and thin. But the owners of the combined and normal type is better to choose something else: it may remain oily shine.
  3. Fluids and balms remove cosmetics with fatty substances, so they will be appropriate for dry skin. As a bonus, nourishing and moisturizing effects, but the composition should be washed off after application in order to avoid a feeling of stickiness.
  4. Lotion. The basis of water enriched with amino acids, oils, vitamins and other useful supplements. Depending on the composition, the tool can tone up, remove shine, nourish, eliminate inflammation. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate option.
  5. The gel has a gel-like texture, which after application forms a skin on the skin. Removed contamination, excess sebum, keratinous skin particles, cosmetics. You can choose the option for any skin type. The gel requires rinsing and may slightly tighten the skin.
  6. Tonic perfectly tones, evens out the relief, deeply cleanses. Alcohol-containing means are dried, they are not suitable for the sensitive, dry type, but they do an excellent job with a greasy luster. But there are also alcohol-free options.
  7. Foam is suitable for sensitive dermis, but may not cope with excessive sebum production. The texture is light, but subsequent washing is required after application.
  8. Hydrophilic oil is an oriental novelty containing oils, surfactants and emulsifiers. The tool gently cares, nourishes, moisturizes and provides gentle make-up removal. But for oily skin option may not work.
  9. Two-phase means consist of two layers. Bottom - water, designed to refresh and moisturize. The oil layer feeds, quickly copes with waterproof cosmetics. The variant is suitable for different skin types.
  10. Napkins - an express tool that allows you to quickly remove makeup on a trip or similar conditions. Textile base is impregnated with tonic, lotion.

Selection features

How to choose the best make-up remover? When buying, consider the following points:

  • Age. There are products for different age categories: for young, mature or fading skin.
  • Derma type: to be combined, normal, dry, problematic, sensitive, oily.
  • Cosmetics. If you use ultra-resistant, you need to choose the means with oils.
  • Skin features: a tendency to inflammation, hyperpigmentation, peeling, spider veins.
  • Season. In the summer you need moisture, in the winter - protection, in the offseason - food.

The best options

The top of the best means for make-up removes:

  1. Ultra, La Roche-Posay- it is light micellar water, suitable for various skin types, including sensitive. The smallest particles of micelles attract and remove makeup residues and impurities.After application there is no feeling of tightness, the face becomes moist and pleasant to touch. Water does not need to wash off anything that is convenient.
  2. "Gel Démaquillant D’Tox"production «Payot» is a cleansing and gently removing make-up gel. The first thing that attracts attention and makes the application as comfortable as possible is a convenient dispenser. But these are not all the benefits. The tool has a pleasant and light foamy texture, removes not only cosmetics, but also all the pollution, as well as the remnants of sebum, eliminating shine. The composition includes a pronounced antioxidant effect and gives the skin a pleasant subtle aroma of cinnamon. The tool is suitable for combination and normal skin.
  3. Lotion with two phases"Bi-Facil" from "Lancôme"cope with the removal and conventional makeup, and ultra-resistant, but the makeup will be delicate and delicate, so that the skin condition can not worry. The formula includes two phases and consists of oils and an aqueous solution: this structure provides an excellent result and does not leave unpleasant sensations. It is enough to shake the bottle several times and proceed with the procedure.Even girls and women wearing lenses can use lotion. And during the application there is a smell of a rose.
  4. Biphasic Lip and Eye L'Oréal Parissuitable for owners of all types of dermis, including those with increased sensitivity. The upper oil-rich phase is responsible for removing even lasting makeup and a gentle, moisturizing effect on the skin. The lower water layer provides toning and gives a pleasant freshness.
  5. Company"Garnier"offers 2-b1 express lotion, quickly removing even water-resistant and ultra-resistant makeup. With the help of this tool, it is real to take off the cosmetics gently and without friction, it carefully cares for the eyelashes and strengthens them thanks to the substance arginine, which provides nutrition. As a result, you get not only cleansed skin, but also more attractive and thick cilia after a month of use.
  6. “Instant Eye Make-up Remover”is a two-phase lotion manufactured by Clarins. It is ideal for removing mascara from eyelashes and eye shadows, does not irritate and does not dry the sensitive and thin skin around the eyes, while managing its functions and not leaving unpleasant sensations after application.
  7. Perfection Eye Make-Up Remover by Giorgio Armanibelongs to luxury cosmetics.The result will be amazing: the product is very delicate and does not adversely affect even the most sensitive skin, but quickly and almost immediately removes the most lasting makeup. The composition of the two phases, and after applying the skin is not tightened and not covered with film.
  8. Avon toolcan be included in the budget category, but it performs its functions by 100%, and no worse than luxury cosmetics. The texture is incredibly light, creamy, which allows you to moisturize the skin. Makeup is removed quickly, almost without friction and without irritation.
  9. "Vichy Purete Termale 3 in 1"- a real find for modern girls and women. The tool acts in several directions at once: removes cosmetics, tones and gently cleanses the face. The formula is delicate and copes with the remnants of any pollution. Redness and irritation does not remain.
  10. Decléor Milkgently removes decorative cosmetics and impurities, gives a pleasant sensation and soothes inflamed or damaged skin. You get cleanliness, radiance and softness without discomfort.

Skin care is very important, and an integral part of it is the removal of makeup. Now you can find the right and the best remedy.

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