Bouquet of clothes for newborns

Choosing a gift for a newborn, as well as for any other, we often strive to make it pleasant, useful, practical and preferably unusual. The most common gift option is, of course, clothing. Clothes for babies can be picked up on any budget, without being afraid of making a mistake with the size, since there is always the opportunity to buy a thing of a larger size. At the present time a great variety of beautiful and original clothes for children, so choosing such a gift option is usually a win-win, however it will not be surprising to surprise them. A wonderful way to arrange a surprise is to make out of things such a bouquet of clothes for newborns.  Bouquet from clothes for newborns
It's done very quickly and simply, but it looks very impressive. To make a bouquet will be needed: - any garments for kids: socks, sliders, blouses,jackets, caps, thin hats, slips, overalls; - basket, vase, bucket, flower pot or other suitable basis for a bouquet; - materials for decoration: artificial flowers and leaves, bows, ribbons, pieces of cloth, colored paper, other decorative elements; - skewers and tape or tape tape in case the flowers are on the stems; - wrapping paper. Depending on the type of clothing, methods of making of them colors are slightly different. To make a flower of socks, you first need to twist it into a tube.
 we fold the socks
Twist tightly, but not tightly. If a bud is weak, it will quickly fall apart or be shapeless. Next, you need to turn the edge of the sock on one side.
 we fold the socks
Then carefully twist the edge on the other side, imitating the rose petals.
turn off the socks
This is how a bud of one should turn outsock.
turned out rosette
 turned out to be a rosette of toes
If you like, you can fix the resulting flower with tape or taped tape on a skewer and attach the leaves. Similarly, a flower is twisted from a cap or cap. It is desirable to bend one edge so that the top of the flower is smooth.
 we fold the cap
After that, twist into a roll and bend the edges in the same way as the socks.
turn off cap
 rosette from the cap
Sliders and pants roll down, starting from the bottom of the leg up. If necessary, the legs of the leg are pre-bent on each side along the edge.
 A bouquet of clothes for newborns
 A bunch of clothes for newborns
Separately rolled leg, then to the top edge together.From similar items of clothing you get two roses.
 A bouquet of clothes for newborns
To give completeness, the resulting bouquet must be wrapped in transparent wrapping paper and tied with a wide ribbon or bow.Such an original bouquet from clothes for newborns will be a wonderful gift, it will pleasantly surprise parents and will please the kid with useful things.

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