Bright Topiary

If you have free time and the desire to create, we suggest you to make a bright and beautiful topiary, which can be both a decoration for the room, and an excellent, and most importantly, unique and original gift. To make a topiary, you will need:
- red and green organza; - foam ball; - thin wire; - white beads; - toothpicks: - wand; - white ribbon;
- gypsum; - pot; - green sisal; - silicone gun and glue to it; - scissors. First you need to cut cubes with organza 3x3 in size see
cut into cubes
Then, with toothpicks, using silicone glue, attach white beads.
attach white beads
Now you can start making fluffy triangles. To do this, you need to fold the square with the organza in half, then again in half. There should be a small triangle (as in the photo).
 making fluffy triangles
attach to a toothpick
It should be attached to a toothpick using a wire.
 attach to a toothpick
Number of It’s almost impossible to calculate the triangles, since Isit on the density of their location. Therefore, you should look in the course of work.
 attach to a toothpick
This topiary, went 1.5 meters of organza, 0.5 meters wide.
The next step is the insertion of triangles into the foam ball. It should be done in such a way that there are no white gaps.
 foam ball
To color the topiary a little, you can attach a white bead to the top of the toothpick. But for this, you need to attach the triangle a little lower, so that the top of the toothpick can be seen. Such triangles with beads should be evenly distributed on the product.
 distribute by product
The bottom of the ball can be decorated with the same green triangles.When a small gap remains, you can fix the base of the topiary with silicone glue, on which it will hold.
 distribute by product
Making it very simple. You can use any flat stick or 5 simple skewers glued together. To make them look presentable, you need to wrap them with white tape of any thickness. In this case, a 0.5 cm wide ribbon was used.
 use any flat stick
When the silicone glue dries, all the gaps should be closed with triangles.
close triangles
Now it remains to" plant "it. For this, any pot or other suitable container can be used. It must be crumbled with foam.
 any pot
This is done to prevent the plaster from bursting the pot. Now you can pour the gypsum diluted with water and fix the topiary in it.
You can decorate a pot with everything you have.It is best to use green sisal, and decorate with white beads on top, which must be fixed with silicone glue.
 bright and beautiful topiary

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