Burn Scar Treatment

Even the most minor burns leave scars on our skin. If these scars do not cause aesthetic discomfort and do not cause physical inconvenience, they can not be removed, but it happens that burn scars are located on the joints and restrict movement of the limbs. If your body has scars after burns - the treatment can be very diverse, it depends on how long the scar appeared, where it is located, how deep was the burn of the tissues.


Treatment of burn scars and scars



Unfortunately, there are frequent cases when the ripening of scars after burns is broken, a keloid scar forms, which abruptly protrudes above the skin, it is covered with a thin layer of epithelium, often itches, burns and even ulcerates. Such scars have a tendency to constant growth. Even after removal of keloid scars, recurrences are frequent. Therefore, burn scars of the keloid type are often treated surgically or with the help of a laser.


If you have old scars after burns - treatment is likely to be surgical, possibly in conjunction with laser therapy or chemical peeling.Surgical removal of scars after burns is the excision of the scar with further application of the cosmetic suture. Usually, cosmetic suture after surgical removal of the scar is much easier to make invisible than the scar itself. After the stitches are removed, special means are rubbed into the area of ​​operation, which soften the new scar and prevent the connective tissue from growing. Six months after the scar removal, you can see the final result of such an operation.


Burn scars are also successfully treated using modern laser technology. With laser polishing, scar tissue is removed layer by layer. The procedure is well tolerated and is virtually painless. Within two weeks after the procedure, patients may experience some pain in the area of ​​the scar and a slight swelling. If the desired effect is not achieved, after healing the place where the polishing was performed, other methods for treating scars can be applied, for example, surface peels. If you have small scars after burns - the treatment may be a gentle method of grinding. This method is called microdermabrasion, it consists in leveling the skin with alumina powder. This method of grinding eliminates the risk of infection.


If after the burn formed an atrophic scar (scar, which is below the skin level), then use one of the three types of chemical peelings:


- superficial, when only part of the dead skin cells is removed


- medium, in this case the whole layer of dead cells is removed


- deep - in this case, the effect of peeling comes to the middle layers of the skin


The best way to remove atrophic scars after burns is still laser correction. The laser beam stimulates collagen synthesis, and this substance promotes rapid and proper growth of the skin area where the scar was. Laser removal of atrophic scars after burns gives good results in the shortest possible time.

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