Burning knife in citric acid

Burning is the process of obtaining an oxide layer several microns thick. Also called oxidation, blackening or bluing. It is a dark, almost black coating, but there are other shades. Basically, bluing is used as a decorative coating, but initially, first of all, it is designed to protect steel from corrosion.
Burning a knife in citric acid
I will show you how to make a simple burnishing of the knife at home, using all the available components. What is needed?
  • - 0.5 liters of boiling water;
  • - Citric acid 50 grams (can be bought at any grocery store).
The proportions are approximate, so strictly follow them not necessarily. It all depends on the amount of dishes in which you will poison your blade. You need to know that increasing the concentration of citric acid accelerates the oxidation process, but at very high concentrations can lead to uneven coatings.

The process of knife bluing

Take glassware,the size of the knife blade, so that it can be completely immersed in the solution. Boil water in a kettle. Then take and gently pour boiling water into the jar. Here you have to be careful, because the bank can burst. To prevent this from happening, you can start by pouring a little boiling water on the bottom and letting the bank warm up, then top up the rest.
Burning the knife in citric acid
Next, pour the citric acid in water and stir thoroughly until complete dissolution. Before plunging the blade into the mortar, it is advisable to wipe it with alcohol to remove all excess grease and dirt. Immerse the knife blade.
Burning the knife in citric acid
After 1-2 minutes, a reaction will begin, which will be noticeable through numerous bubbles.
Burning a knife in citric acid
Burning will take you approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Again, everything depends on your requirements for the color of the coating and the steel of the knife. During the whole bluing process, do the following:
  • - Every 10 minutes, take out the knife and wipeBlade soft paper or cloth napkin, removing black deposits from the surface.
  • - Every 1-2 minutes you need to move the blade in the solution, thereby throwing large gas bubbles from the blade. This will ensure the uniformity of the coverage.
Burning a knife in citric acid
Burning a knife in citric acid
Burning a knife in citric acid
After a time, if you are satisfied with the color of the coating, you must last wipe the blade with sunflower oil. This will stop the reaction, make the coating uniform and strong. This is the blasting of the knife blade is completed. /uploads/posts/2017-11/medium/1511850852_7.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Burning the knife in citric acid">
At the end I want to add: - Do not breathe in the pores of the burnishing gases, as they are harmful. And better use the ventilation, if you have one, or at least open the window in the room. - For a stable process, the water must be hot. Burning does not go in cold water. Boiling water is not necessary, but degrees 80 Celsius should be.

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