Cake Decorating



Cake doll

A cake in the form of a doll dress is suitable for a girl's holiday. You can use any dolly, as long as the cake-dress completely covers her legs to the waist. My doll is about 30 cm tall. On the basis of the “dress” you can use cakes such as biscuit
Figures from mastic for the cake

Figures from mastic for a cake

In my master class today, I will present a design option for a Christmas cake. The idea was proposed by the customer, as a result of which they decided to make a biblical sketch of the birth of Jesus. That is, in the basis of the composition I had a man, a woman and
Monkey from sugar mastic

Sugar Mastic Monkey

On the eve of the new year, the monkey becomes the owner, I decided to present you my master class on how to make a delicious, edible monkey made from sugar mastic, which will undoubtedly decorate your New Year's cake. We start the work with staining mastic.
New Year's figures from sugar mastic

New Year's figures from sugar mastic

I think that on the eve of the New Year holidays a master class on modeling delicious marshmallow figurines that will decorate your New Year's cake will be very appropriate. Moreover, they are made quite simply. So, let's start by sculpting a small Christmas tree. For her
Making a children's cake

Baby cake decoration

I want to share my experience in decorating children's cake with sugar mastic. I find it difficult to call it a master class, since I do not consider myself to be a master.

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