Candle for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, exquisite dinner, tenderness and embrace, and, of course, candles. Where do without them? In our time, incorrigible romantics without candles does not pass a single love surprise. Let's try to make a real aromatic candle with our own hands! To do this, you need: • 4-5 stearin candles. • Glass (you can take both ordinary glass, and it can be disposable). • Cosmetic fragrance (in this case it is best suited, for example, "Rose ») • Napkin for decoupage. • Ribbon and bow for final decoration. Besides, certain tools and utensils will be needed: • A container for melting. • A pan with water . • Tweezers or tweezers. • Teaspoon. • Pencil.
 will need materials
 Candle for Valentine's Day
Preparing for the melting of candles.If you take a plastic cup, there is no need to prepare it. But keep in mind that the candle made in it will need to be trimmed, since such a glass is not straight, but tapers towards the bottom. If the glass is glass, grease its walls and bottom with any cream or cosmetic oil. This must be done to make it easier to pull out the candle. Put a water bath. Break the candles into small pieces.
Leave one of the pieces longer than all the others - you will need to pull the wick out of it. Therefore, please note that the length of this piece should be what you want to get a candle. Stearin melts very quickly, so after 5-6 minutes you get a clear liquid. To melt the material faster, you can slightly stir it or shake the container for melting easily. When the stearin melted, take the tweezers and gently pull out all the short wicks, and the longest one last.
 candle wick
When you get it, place one end on the bottom of the glass and fasten it its droplet of stearin is exactly centered.Then put a pencil on top of the glass and simply flip the second end of the wick through it.
 we lower the wick
Without removing stearin from the fire, add a cosmetic perfume (15 to 30 drops, depending on the desired flavor intensity. After that, immediately remove the stearin from the water bath and stir a little. Pour all the melted mass into the glass and leave until the candle hardens.
 fill in
When the candle has completely cooled and hardened, remove it from the glass.
If necessary trim. Now take a napkin and separate the topmost layer with the pattern. Attach it to the candle by drawing out. After that, heat a teaspoon over the fire and, pressing it well, apply it to a napkin.
 melt with a spoon
Since the spoon is hot, the stearin under it will melt and the pattern will be printed to the surface.
 Candle for Valentine's Day
Usually, a decoupage pattern is covered with glue on top for greater strength.In the manufacture of candles to do this is not recommended in order to avoid unpleasant odors when it is burning. Thus, when you have decorated the whole candle with a pattern, you only need to leave it for a short time before the pattern is completely set and fixed. Then tie the candle with a ribbon with hearts and decorate it with a bow.
 Candle for Valentine's Day
Such a candle is guaranteed to be an excellent decor for a romantic evening .

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