Caracal cat breed: description and rules of care

A caracal cat is a rare animal, by nature wild. But if the kitten was born in a specialized kennel, and he was properly raised, it is not dangerous for humans. The massive cat, which is not inferior in size to an adult dog, will get along well with other animals and get along with young children.

Description breed cats Caracal

Representatives of this breed are often confused with the trot, because of the tassels on the ears. In small caracals, the brushes stand upright, in older cats they begin to hang. In size, the caracal is several times larger than an ordinary domestic cat. Their average weight is 23 kg, and their height reaches 60 cm. The color can be completely different, from light beige to rich sand. Caracal hair is short, characterized by extraordinary softness and thickness.

cat caracal
Caracal cat looks very similar to a lynx
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If you decide to have a cat of such an exotic breed, choose a kitten. Adults can be easily tamed, but re-education is difficult.Although the Caracals are not aggressive in nature, by nature they are predators. Raising such a cat should not be allowed to take its course. The owner must be exacting and consistent.

With enough attention, a furry friend will turn into a gentle pet. But the first 2 years you have to have patience to raise it correctly. Young Caracals are reminiscent of their behavior of adolescents - they are impulsive and can show aggression.

Caracal is rare in Russia, so if you want to buy a really purebred kitten, contact only experienced and recognized breeders. They also tell you how to care for such an exotic pet. But some moments do not hurt to know, before you start the house Caracal.

Caring for a cat caracal at home

Caracals are an endangered species. Settling such a kitten at home, you will make a contribution to the preservation of a rare species. But in order for a pet to feel good, he needs to create conditions close to those in which he is accustomed to living in nature.

This animal needs a lot of free space. In a small apartment it will be crowdedbut in a large country house with a plot it is free. The plot should be fenced in with a high fence, because these cats are excellent jumpers. If there is no such fence, you need to prepare an open-air cage where the pet will be free to walk.

Low temperature representatives of this breed is poorly tolerated, but love to swim. Keep your cat swimming in warm water at least once a month. After bathing, comb your hair with a special comb. Cut the claws once a month.

Do not start caracal if you have children under 5 years old. And an older child, explain that it is impossible to offend a kitten of this breed - he can take revenge on the offender.

Do not feed the cat with cheap dry food. The basis of nutrition is the meat of chicken, rabbit, beef or pork mince. In the bowl should always be clean water to drink.

If Caracal is sick, in no case do not treat it yourself. Go to the vet right away. These rare animals should be treated by a specialist.

Choosing caracal as a pet, please be patient. One desire to surprise friends with an exotic pet will not be enough. We'll have to work hard for such a cat to take root in your home.

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