Even the most inexperienced craftswomen can create such an original decoration for the New Year tree with their own hands. This will require remnants of yarn of two colors and knitting needles No. 3, or even a little thinner. It is better, of course, to take the yarn of orange and green shades. But it does not matter. This is a Christmas-tree decoration - it can be whatever you want. 1. For a knitted carrot, which is shown in the photos of the master class, you need to dial 32 loops. But, if you want to make a toy bigger or smaller - type more or less loops. The main thing is that their number is a multiple of 2.
 number of loops
2. Need to knit stocking knitting. And in each odd row, starting with the fifth, diminish one loop from each edge. That is, in these rows it is necessary to knit together the first and second, as well as the penultimate and last loops.
stocking viscous
3. Now you need to link the tops. This is done with a thin crochet No. 2. The post is knitted with air loops. The number of loops in this column can vary from 10 to 20.If you want, you can make all the leaves the same length. Do not want - different. The volume is attached by strapping the aerial column in "stride step", over the edge of each of its loops.
 over the edge of each of its loops
4. We connect carrots and tops. Along the edge of the knitted fabric, we unfold the decorative elements so that each of them disappears with the subsequent twisting of the toy carrot no less than a centimeter. We sew it with a secret seam so that it is invisible from the front side.
 Cut the carrots and the tops
5. We twist a decorative carrot and make a vertical secret seam. We also strengthen the top - arbitrarily sew the tops of the tops with the carrots and between each other.
 decorative elements
6. We make a loop for hanging the toy on the fir paws. Knit crochet a column of the desired length of the air loops. We fix it with a loop in the "leaf".

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