Ceiling water-borne painting

There are many ways to bring beauty and freshness to the ceiling. But if the ceiling was plastered on drywall or concrete, one option is painting. Moreover, since water emulsion is the best option.

Painting equipment

for painting will need:

  • The water emulsion itself is first and foremost.
  • Primer type:
    • Aquastop,
    • "Pufas",
    • Barvis,
    • "Ceresit"
    • and so on.

There are many different primers and any one of them will be suitable for painting.

  • Paint roller (wool or foam).
  • Paint pot.
  • A set of paint brushes.
  • Masking tape.
  • Color, if you plan to paint not in white, but in a different color. You need a color of the corresponding color.


Preparation and Primer

The ceiling should be puttied and sanded beforehand. The surface of the ceiling should be perfectly flat and smooth.Grind the ceiling with a special mesh or fine sandpaper, put on a grater. For grinding still use a grinding machine.

If the ceiling was prepared by experienced craftsmen, then it will only remain to wait for the putty to dry. Professionals put up the ceiling so that it is not necessary to grind the surface after them.

To determine when the putty has dried, you can on the dark spots on the surface. The presence of stains will indicate that the putty is still damp.

It is necessary to pour the primer into any dish containing the paint roller. For priming the surface using a foam or wool roller. Also suitable for Maclawice.

A dry primer is difficult to clean from surfaces and objects if it accidentally hits them. Therefore, in the room all that is necessary is covered with cellophane film. At the end of the work immediately wash the brush and roller thoroughly. After drying, the primer will have to be thrown away.

The primer is allowed to dry well. This may take several hours - depending on the humidity and temperature of the air in the room. Full drying is determined by the absence of dark spots and glare on the primed surface.


Painting on the kitchen and in other rooms carry out a woolen roller. Aqueous emulsion paint, due to the texture of the wool roller, falls smoothly - without bald patches and stains.

The foam roller sometimes paints on the surface during painting and forms shiny hairs that are very visible in good light.

If it is necessary to make the ceiling not white, but of a different color - how to paint the ceiling with water-based paint in this case? Then in the bucket with water-based paint add color. Having stirred, try color separately on a ceiling - paint a small fragment of a surface and allow it to dry. If you like the color, then the mixture is poured into the tub and begin painting.

If you need a multi-colored ceiling, then use a paint tape. When part of the ceiling is painted with some color, it is allowed to dry out. A strip of scotch stick on the place of confluence of colors. Next paint in a different color, without going to the previously painted half. For convenience, the roller handle can be extended and painted on the ceiling while standing on the floor.

For painting the ceiling of wooden or plastic baseboards or baguettes use paint brushes. The width of the brush depends on the size of the baguette and the depth of embossing.The corners on the ceiling, the junction of the ceiling and the baguette, are also painted with a brush. In a word, those places where the paint roller is missing.

High-quality painting of the ceiling is obtained when applying several layers of water-based paint. In rare cases, it is necessary to paint up to five times. But with high-quality putty two layers of paint is enough.

A spray gun is also used to paint the ceiling. This method is quite fast and convenient, but it is used for large ceilings in industrial facilities, since spray gun has the property of splashing paint.

When painting the ceiling with color scheme, the entire volume of paint is stirred immediately, because if the paint with your color ends, you will never pick it up again.


Such work as painting the ceilings with water-based paint is not at all a complicated matter - you can do it yourself. It is necessary to follow the painting instructions and the instructions of the manufacturers of waterborne paints and colors.

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