Children's headband

I suggest today to consider a master class on making headbands for little princesses with violet flowers. As you know, the small headbands are not suitable for small children, as they constantly fall and can injure a curious baby. Therefore, so that the hair does not climb into the eyes the best solution would be to make an elastic bandage and decorate it with flowers. How to do this, we consider in detail below. For work we will need a narrow satin ribbon of purple, white and green, as well as tools and fire. We will have to work mainly with tweezers, since our flowers are very small and it will not be very convenient to hold them with our fingers. So, for making one violet flower, we need: 7 small squares (2.5 * 2.5 cm) purple;
 for making
7 small square (1.5 * 1.5 cm) in white;
Green ribbon for leaves; Thread with a needle; Tweezers; Ruler; Yellow bead and rhinestones in the middle of a flower;
rhinestones in the middle of the flower

Candle or lighter. Progress. 1. The big purple square is folded diagonally inside the square.
 Collect a flower
2. The resulting triangle must be minimized again as well.
 We collect a flower
3. Now, a little — just backing away from the edge, it is necessary to bend the ends upwards of the triangle.
 Collect a flower
4. We turn over our workpiece (the corners turned out to be at the bottom).
 We collect a flower
5. Raise the tips to the top.
We collect a flower
6. We take tweezers at the base of the sheet and cut the edges.
 We collect a flower
7. Cut off the areas you need to sing with fire. 8.Our petal is ready.
Gathering a flower
Such lobes need to make 7 pieces of each color.
Collect a flower

Of which 7 are purple and 7 are white. Small white leaves can not be cut short. Collecting a flower The first flower consists of large petals of purple. Separate them and lay their tails down. We take a thread with a needle and thread through each petal at the end. Now you need to tighten the thread, beautifully spread the petals and fasten the thread.  Collecting a flower
We are doing the same with a series of white petals. Instead of stamens, we glue a big yellow bead on a white flower and a small rhinestone on violet in the middle of the flower.
 white flower
flower Our flower is ready. There will be 3 violet and 2 white flowers on the dressing.
 flowers on the dressing
Making leaves. Our violet can not do without beautiful green leaves. We will do them from a green tape.We take a 5 cm segment and bend it in half facing down.  Making leaves Now we need to cut diagonally with an indentation of 0.5 cm from the bottom edge of a half leaf . The cut piece is taken with tweezers and singed by fire.  Making leaves Turning our leaflet inside out.
Making leaves

The leaf is ready! Making Leaflets We select the number and size individually.
Master bandage. I suggest you make a comfortable bandage from the remnants of edging for tulle. The first thing we need to measure the circumference of the child's head. To the results we add 1-2 cm to the stock. I got two stripes 3 cm wide, which must be sewn on both sides, leaving room for insertion of the rubber.  Master the bandage
Mastering the bandage

Insert the gum into the hole and fix the seam and hole. Master the bandage The dressing is ready!
 We make the bandage
Now we stick the leaflets on our bandage, and then the violets. If desired, you can decorate a bandage between violets of ladybirds or small butterflies. You can also make small leaves or paste decorative beads, as in our example.  We make a bandage  kanzashi element Work is ready!
 Children's headband
 Detsk headband

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