Children's ottoman

Good afternoon. I have a little daughter, and I wanted to make her own hands a soft and beautiful ottoman and at the same time, that he was the right height. What I got from this, I will show you and tell you now. I needed to make ottomans: - A bucket from under a water emulsion (medium size). - Clay (titanium or moment)
- Scissors. - Thick foam rubber. - Needle. - Fabric (several colors). - Threads in the color of the fabric. At first I took the bucket and removed the handle, since I didn't need it. She cut off the strip of the required length and height from the foam rubber, applied glue to the edges and wrapped it around the bucket. While the glue does not catch, fasten the foam with threads.
 secure the foam rubber
Then cut a circle out of foam rubber, also smeared the edges with glue and glued it to the lid of the bucket.
smeared with glue
Ottoman ready. The next action was to sew a case for it. Cut out a circle from the fabric of the desired size, taking into account the allowances and stripes, too, the right size.Details sewn among themselves. Bottom on the edge of the cover sewn gum.
 The ottoman is ready
Sewed a flower from a red fabric on the cover and made an orange heart.
made an orange color
Then I took an old green curtain with a pattern and cut out the leaves from it. I sewed leaves on the sides of the padded stool. Along the edges above and below let out a figured strip of the same color.
 cut leaves
 liked the flower
In principle, the ottoman is ready, but I don’t I liked the flower, so I let the woolen thread on its edge, so I also used it on the flower itself.
 Children's ottoman
Hope you m like my ottoman. That's how I, without spending a lot of time, and the money made my daughter an original and convenient ottoman. And if you take a bucket of a larger size, then for an adult you can make a similar ottoman. Bye.

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