Christmas tree toy "Sheep"

Soon the New Year, time to give and receive gifts, decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the winter holidays. What can be more beautiful than a gift made by own hands or a Christmas tree toy created with children, which for a long time will still remind of gay moments spent together. Below is a master class on creating Christmas tree decorations in the shape of a cute cold porcelain lamb. This toy can be molded from any other polymer clay, drying in the air, or from salt dough. Tools and materials: cold porcelain of white and beige color, foam ball, PVA glue, floristic wire, rod from the fountain pen. Acrylic or oil paints of red, black, white, brush, pliers, satin ribbon, rhinestones.  Acrylic or oil paints
We twist the wire and we create a loop from it, which we stick into a foam ball.  Twist the wire
 stick into the foam ball
Apply the PVA glue on half the surface of the ball. Applying glue We tear off a small piece of white porcelain, roll out a small layer of it and carefully begin to sculpt it on the ball, closing the place where the wire loop is. After half the ball is covered with porcelain, apply the glue on the second half and do the same manipulations until the whole ball is evenly coated with porcelain. We tear off a small piece
By the other end of the rod from the fountain pen we begin to create an invoice of the wool, the process is laborious, as it will be necessary to "poke" the pivot for a long time to get the "curls".
click on a drop
To fix the face to the body, roll out a strip of white porcelain, put glue in circle the faces and fix the strip with a rod, giving it an texture.
 by giving form
Let's start forming the face. Let's start with the nose.With the other side of the rod we form two indentations in the bottom of the drop, then with a flat stack or just a nail file we finish forming the nose, if you wish, you can make a smile to the sheep.

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