Christmas seals (Pattern)

Christmas seals.We sew our own cute Christmas toys with which you can decorate the house or hang it on the Christmas tree. The master class is simple and does not take you much time, but in the end you will get real pleasure from the result.

Materials and tools:

  1. soft fabric;
  2. red fabric pattern;
  3. filler;
  4. pattern;
  5. scissors;
  6. white and black threads;
  7. Christmas decorations.


Step 1

Download the pattern and transfer it to the fabric. The details of the body of the cat are white, and the wings and the heart are red, the number of necessary details is indicated in the figures. Cut out all the details.

We sew together 2 parts of the cat's body and immediately fill it with a store (or cotton). Embroider the muzzle with black threads. Next, we sew legs and tail, stitching together the details and filling with filler. At the end we sew the legs and tail to the body.

Now we will decorate the New Year's cat. We sew 2 wing parts, fill them with a little filler and sew them to our toy.You can also decorate the cat with a beautiful hat, hearts or ribbons

All,New Year's Toy Catis ready.

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