Christmas tree made of beads and wire

In the master class, you will learn how to makea Christmas tree out of beads and wirein order to decorate your home or workplace with it and convey the Christmas mood to those around you. The manufacturing process is not difficult and does not take you much time, and is also suitable for those who begin to weave from beads.

Materials and tools:

  1. green beads;
  2. red 4 mm beads
  3. 0.3 mm copper wire;
  4. 1.5 mm aluminum wire;
  5. cardboard;
  6. scissors and pliers.

Step 1

Take a sheet of cardboard and fold it into a cone. Next, 1.5 mm aluminum wire is wound on a cone from top to bottom with a spiral with large indents between the turns (see figure). When finished, take out the cone and bend the leg.

We make a stand for herringbone, for this we bend the wire at an angle of 900, make a loop and around this loop tightly wind the turns of wire, bite off the excess wire with nippers.Put a loop on top of the tree.

Step 2

First, we will decorate the top of the head: take a 0.3 mm copper wire and wind it in several turns around the top of the top (on aluminum wire), then string a red bead and again make several turns around the aluminum wire. Repeating this step, we attach 6 more red beads to the crown.

Let's start making needles from beads. With copper wire we make several turns around aluminum, we string 6 green beads and 1 bead on it, once again pass the end of the wire through the last bead and string 5 more green beads, in the end we make several turns around the aluminum wire. All needle bead ready.

Repeating this step, we make all the other needles for the Christmas tree. Each needle requires 11 green beads and 1 red bead.

In the end,it turns out a small and very beautiful Christmas tree.

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