Christmas tree toys from an old broken garland

This year, when decorating a Christmas tree, I faced a difficult task. On the one hand, I really wanted to use vintage toys that were found in a box in the country. Therefore, all modern were temporarily sent to mom to decorate her Christmas tree. And so, just before the holidays, a cute, but very mobile animal settled in the house ... In addition, among the guests in the festive evening, as it turned out, there would be very young children.

The options for mounting the Christmas tree to the ceiling or the like didn’t withstand my repair, so the choice fell on the shock-proof Christmas tree. After making an inventory of Christmas-tree decorations, I found that in addition to the LED garland of unbreakable toys, there was practically no house.

Here is all that we had:

In addition to toys, old Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in my box lay an old broken garland and a bright red star, which managed to replace the glass top. Some Soviet festoons were designed using a serial connection chain. This means that when a single lamp burns out, everyone will not work.It would be very difficult to find, and even replace, the broken part. But it was a pity to throw the toy out of my childhood ... I thought of just hanging out plastic colored lanterns, removing the bulky wires.

I cut the plug and the wire with sharp scissors. Under the braid was copper wire, which I decided not to throw away, hoping to use for other projects.

That's what my flashlights looked like. It remains only to figure out how to hang them on the Christmas tree. Immediately I thought to just leave the wire more authentic, and tie its ends. But neat knot did not work. In addition, this color of fastening was too prominent against a background of dark green needles. I decided to use the usual dark thread as a pendant.

We disassemble the lanterns into components. Maybe some lamps are even working. It will be necessary to check on occasion ...

I was lucky with some flashlights, and all the parts were easily separated from each other.

It remains only to insert the thread into the two holes and tie the knot inside. Then you just need to put the lid in the flashlight and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, with most flashlights it was not all that easy. Such a cartridge is often glued to the plastic cover quite strongly.Having tried to separate it with scissors, I ran into serious difficulties ... In order not to get hurt, I had to leave the cartridge inside and think of another way of fastening the thread.

Inside each cartridge there is a small washer. In order not to look for other mounts, I decided to use it.

These are the two wiring depart from each flashlight. The central one is quite easy to remove, and the one on the side is attached to the cartridge itself and securely fixed. Just cut it short.

In the central hole, which remains after removing one of the wires, pass through the two ends of a dense thread so that a loop remains on the surface. So that when tying the loop does not go through the hole, fix it with something. I have this crochet hook. You can simply fasten a safety pin.

Now we tie the knot, using the washer that was in the cartridge as a retainer. Then everything, as with the "simple" flashlights. The cover is fastened in the colored part and on the Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, these lanterns no longer shine ... But they did not have to be thrown away, and they laid the foundation of my “shockproof” Christmas tree. In the light of LED garlands and my flashlights,and the old asterisk with the wires cut off is still sparkling! Later we added cones, bows of golden fabric (for their attachment, I used wire, which I took from the same cut cord), and tinsel.

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